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Repiping or Lining: Strategies to Keep Multifamily Plumbing Systems Running Smoothly

Presented by CuraFlo for property owners and managers.

Recorded Live 11:30 AM (EST), November 5, 2009

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It’s easy to take a building’s plumbing system for granted, so long as water keeps flowing. Yet leaky pipes, low water pressure and stained, discolored water are all signposts to larger piping issues – possibly even system-wide failure. The longer these issues linger, the worse they can get. But is it better to fix commercial plumbing system problems by repiping or epoxy lining? The answer hinges on three variables: the design and installation, the material type and quality, and the water source and composition. The presentation will help you make a better informed decision about your current or future pipe problem.
This webinar featured Skip Wolfe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Beachwood, Ohio-based CuraFlo, a leading national provider of pipe restoration services for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant, commercial, industrial and municipal structures.
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Posted on Wednesday, December 09, 2009

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