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 CuraFlo Offers Cleveland Homeowners an Innovative Solution to Water Pipe Problems

January 25, 2007 – Cleveland, Ohio – CuraFlo®, North America’s leading provider of pipelining solutions for failing plumbing systems, is now available to homeowners in the Midwest. CuraFlo’s Engineered Flow Lining System™ solves pipe problems and restores functionality to deteriorating hot and cold water pipes. CuraFlo’s technology has been successfully used throughout the United States and Canada, and is now available to residents in Northeastern Ohio.

The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System® is a cost-effective alternative to traditional water pipe replacement, known as repiping. The CuraFlo System uses a 3-step process to restore problem pipes. First, hot air is forced through the pipe to dry the interior surface. Then, the pipes are cleaned using a process similar to sandblasting. Finally, air pressure is used to force a special epoxy through the pipes, coating the interior. The result is that the interior of the pipes are completely lined with a layer of epoxy. It’s like putting a new pipe inside the old one.

Because technicians access pipes through fixtures such as sinks and faucets, homeowners avoid the mess, disruption and additional costs of having to cut through walls and floors as is the case in repiping. A typical home project takes only 48 hours to complete and homeowners can continue to have access to water, since only the hot or the cold supply is unavailable at any one time.

The CuraFlo System is ideal for corroded or leaking pipes. It eliminates issues caused by pipe problems, such as discolored or bad tasting water, inadequate flow, pinhole leaks, slab leaks and mold growth. The durable epoxy lining protects the inside surfaces of pipes from future corrosion, improving water quality and providing safe drinking water. CuraFlo’s epoxy lining meets the government standards for clean drinking water as set by ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

Company President Brian LeMaire commented on the benefits CuraFlo brings to Cleveland homeowners: “Expanding this specialized technology to Cleveland and the surrounding communities is very exciting for us. This area has a lot of older homes, and homes that have been well preserved. However, these homes are quite often plagued with pipe problems, specifically encrusted or corroded galvanized pipes. With CuraFlo, we are now able to provide homeowners with an alternative to the mess, disruption and expense of traditional pipe replacement. We look forward to meeting with local residents for a no-charge, in-home evaluation.”

CuraFlo provides the CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System, a proprietary, cost-effective solution for pipe problems, servicing customers throughout North America via a growing network of dealers. CuraFlo’s nationwide network of dealers receives extensive training and continuing education on product and new installation techniques that result in peerless performance. Please call CuraFlo at 216-416-8000, or visit for complete details on services provided.

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2007

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