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 CuraFlo® Completes Pipe Restoration at Extraco Bank, N.A. Headquarters in Temple, Texas


Skip Wolfe
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

David R. Wasserstrom
Vantage Communications

May 26, 2010


Proprietary System Proved Faster and Less Costly Than Traditional Repiping Methods

BEACHWOOD, OHIO – CuraFlo®, a leading provider of pipe restoration services for multi-tenant buildings and other commercial and institutional structures, has completed its plumbing system restoration project at the Extraco Bank, N.A. headquarters facility in Temple, Texas. The 55-year-old, 85,000 square-foot, 10-story brick building, which has mostly galvanized piping, had suffered from typical pipe problems: pitting, pinhole leaks, and low water flow. The low water flow was the result of tuberculation, a mineral scale build-up inside the pipe that is typical in galvanized piping systems.

Extraco selected CuraFlo for this project for reasons that include:

  • CuraFlo’s established track record with a variety of multi-family, commercial and institutional installations throughout the United States;
  • The quality and ease of installation of CuraFlo’s proprietary Engineered Flow Lining System® epoxy lining process;
  • CuraFlo’s ability to minimize disruption to existing tenants. In addition to housing Extraco’s banking and administrative operations, the building has commercial tenants that include a law firm and dental office, which were able to continue do to business with little or no disruption during the restoration project.

CuraFlo’s combination of replacement of irreparable sections of pipe and epoxy lining the entire system proved to be a more cost-effective, and less-invasive, solution to Extraco’s problems than a complete pipe replacement – another service offered by CuraFlo. The restoration of both the hot and cold water supply piping solved the building’s current problems, will prevent future leaks and corrosion, and ensures optimal water flow and quality for years to come. Work began on February 26th, and CuraFlo completed the project within specified timeline and budgetary parameters.

“CuraFlo’s crew was great – they were courteous and professional throughout the duration of the project,” said Dillard Barr, Maintenance Supervisor for the Extraco Banks, N.A.. “They worked in the evenings to minimize the effect on the bank and our other tenants, which was tremendous.”

CuraFlo’s epoxy pipe lining solutions are widely renowned for alleviating problems with deteriorating pipes and plumbing systems. In many instances, this proves a highly effective alternative to the more traditional pipe replacement. In fact, pipes restored with CuraFlo’s epoxy lining can gain an additional service life of 50 years or more. For more information about CuraFlo, or to speak with a CuraFlo professional about specific water infrastructure challenges, visit or call

CuraFlo® is North America’s leading provider of pipe restoration services for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant residential, commercial, industrial and municipal structures. Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, the company offers comprehensive pipe restoration services through a network of franchisees. In 1996, CuraFlo became the first company in North America to provide epoxy pipe lining services in commercial and residential multi-tenant buildings. Since then, CuraFlo has lined more pipe than any other company in North America. For more information, visit or contact Skip Wolfe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing:

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Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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