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Skip Wolfe
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

David R. Wasserstrom
Vantage Communications

August 18, 2010

Proprietary System Proves Faster and Less Costly Than Traditional Repiping

BEACHWOOD, OHIO – CuraFlo®, a leading provider of pipe restoration services for multi-tenant buildings and other commercial and institutional structures, has completed its work to restore the plumbing system at the Radisson Hotel Grand Rapids Riverfront in Grand Rapids, Michigan with its proprietary CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System®.

The seven-story, 162-room hotel has a plumbing system comprised of galvanized piping. Guests have frequently complained of low water flow and pressure in its hot supply lines due to tuberculation, a mineral scale build-up within the interior of the pipe. CuraFlo’s proprietary process eliminated the scale build-up and increased both water flow and water pressure throughout the hotel. This process is also designed to prevent future leaks and corrosion.

Work began in May and was completed in July. CuraFlo personnel worked closely with hotel management throughout the process to ensure that the hotel remained open for business, with minimal disruption and loss of revenue. In fact, only specific hotel sections were closed at any given time, and work was limited to a Sunday through Thursday schedule.

“I was impressed with CuraFlo’s ability to plan and then execute; I was impressed with how they ramped up and deployed their team, and how they accurately forecasted the time that it would take to complete this project,” said Todd Roesler, the Radisson’s General Manager and a 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry. “More importantly, CuraFlo recognized the specialized operational demands of the hotel industry, and they were able to work within, and support, those parameters. That was a key determinant in our decision to select CuraFlo.”

“The Radisson management team considered several options, but in the end, they appreciated the fact that CuraFlo’s epoxy lining is less invasive than traditional repiping methods,” said Skip Wolfe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, CuraFlo. “Additionally, they estimated a substantial per room savings by selecting CuraFlo over a property-wide repiping.”

In addition to a full array of infrastructure rehabilitation services, CuraFlo’s epoxy pipe lining solutions are widely renowned for alleviating problems with deteriorating pipes and plumbing systems. In many instances, this proves a highly effective alternative to pipe replacement. In fact, pipes restored with CuraFlo’s epoxy lining can gain an additional service life of 50 years or more. For more information about CuraFlo, or to speak with a CuraFlo professional about specific water infrastructure challenges, visit or call .

CuraFlo® is North America’s leading provider of pipe restoration services for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant residential, commercial, industrial and municipal structures. Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, the company offers comprehensive pipe restoration services through a network of franchisees. In 1996, CuraFlo became the first company in North America to provide epoxy pipe lining services in commercial and residential multi-tenant buildings. Since then, CuraFlo has lined more pipe than any other company in North America. For more information, visit or contact Skip Wolfe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing: 

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Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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