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 CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System®

The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System® is our proprietary process for restoring small diameter (1/2" to 4") water pipes. When our pipe repair process is complete, water pressure is restored, leaks are eliminated, and your pipes are protected from future corrosion. Here are the key steps in this pipe repair process:

  1. First, our certified technicians disconnect valves and hook up hoses.
  2. Then pipes are dried with pressurized hot air, supplied from a compressor.
  3. Next, pipe interiors are “sandblasted” with specialized particles to remove all debris and mineral build-up and prepare the internal surface of the water pipe for bonding with the epoxy.
  4. Our specially formulated epoxy, CuraPoxy®, is then blown through the pipe, fully coating the interior surface to create a seamless, permanent, protective barrier.
  5. Hoses are disconnected and CuraPoxy is allowed to cure 5 hours.
  6. New fixture valves are installed and final testing is performed.  This testing ensures no water leaks remain and that water pressure has been restored.
  7. Lastly, water is turned back on and service is restored.
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