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“I am a retired woman who, along with my shi-tzu pup, “Bandit”, make our home in an apartment in the Fort Worth complex known as “The Steppes”.

For the past couple of weeks, come rain, shine or blistering heat, your men (CuraFlo) have been working on the faulty pipes in this complex. I’m sure they are well compensated for the work they do but after meeting and chatting with several, I feel obliged to let you know how I feel.

To date, they have been the most professional, courteous, and thoughtful to have in our company. When I first heard of the work about to be done, I just knew that it would be insufferable around here for the next month…… how wrong I was.

A big thank you to these men for taking a few moments to ease an old woman’s mind with their thoughtfulness and understanding.”
Eleanore Barnes
The Steppes Apartments, Fort Worth, TX
Service Provider: CuraFlo Services Inc.

“I, too, want to applaud the men sent to do this job. They seem to realize the discomfort a job such as this can be for the tenants and have gone out of their way to ease any difficulties we could encounter.”
David Hightower
The Steppes Apartments, Fort Worth, TX
Service Provider: CuraFlo Services Inc.
Click here to view Elanore and David's original letter (.pdf, 144KB)


“Over time, water pipes throughout our state-aided housing facility developed pinhole leaks to the point where total system replacement was recommended. Yet these buildings house many residents who are elderly and handicapped, so that process would have been extremely expensive, time consuming and disruptive.

We were intrigued that CuraFlo’s epoxy lining process could be implemented cost effectively in only a few weeks without having to excavate walls and fixtures – or displace residents. We brought them in to implement this process in one building as a test case, and I am tremendously pleased with the results.

In checking references beforehand, one customer remarked that CuraFlo was among the best contractors he had ever worked with. Based on their performance, they certainly lived up to that recommendation. CuraFlo’s personnel worked hard, they were responsive to our needs and concerns, and the process went like clockwork. They really know their stuff, and they provided us with great confidence in their abilities. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Click here to view Sharon's original letter (.pdf, 996 KB)


Sharon Sylvester, Executive Director
Norwell Housing Authority, Norwell, Massachusetts
Service Provider: CuraFlo Services Inc.


"You have a great crew! All the guys were prompt, courteous, and very professional. They did a great job of cleaning up and putting everything back. It has been a rewarding experience to have an organization say what they're going to do and do what they say."

Diana and Bernie Lessor - San Juan Capistrano, California
Service Provider: CuraFlo of Orange County


"We had an excellent experience with CuraFlo! We have no problem recommending CuraFlo and have done so many times. Many of our homeowner's in our HOA used CuraFlo to get their pipes lined. In fact, CuraFlo has become the leader in our community. Their work was done in an efficient manner, our home was protected and kept in perfect order. We have had no problems since you completed our job over a year ago."
Marie Di Donato - San Juan Capistrano, California
Service Provider: CuraFlo of Orange County

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