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 Fire Suppression


Wet and dry fire-sprinkler systems are prone to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and rust.  Such factors lead to corrosion, thinning of pipe walls, pinhole leaks, obstruction, and sometimes failure of the system. Maintaining a fire-sprinkler system is imperative for the protection of your building, its people and material possessions.  CuraFlo’s epoxy pipe lining process and specially formulated CuraPoxy® FS are an excellent long-term solution that is:

  • Approved to meet the LAPC-02 Certification guideline for Internal Pipe Coating for Fire Protection Piping, established by the City of Los Angeles’ Mechanical Laboratory
  • Pipe cleaning and coating process are conducted in accordance with ANSA/AWWA Standard No. C210-97 and CuraFlo’s technical guidelines
  • Professional, experienced crews
  • Official member of the NFPA.

Cost Effective

  • Alternative, less expensive solution to repipe
  • Can be applied to galvanized, copper and steel piping systems from 1” to 12”
  • Five hour cure time ensures fast return to service

Long Term

  • Prevents MIC and rust corrosion in wet, dry and deluge systems
  • Specially formulated to coat the inside of pipes without restricting water flow
  • Epoxy easily handles any temperature and pressure changes


CuraFlo’s FS Epoxy Barrier Coating for internal fire protection systems certified for use in Los Angeles County.
Download or read the certification here (.pdf, 40 KB), or on the LADBS website.

CuraFlo's Engineered Flow Lining System for cleaning and lining the inside surface of hot and cold water piping systems certified for use in Los Angeles County.
Download or read the certification here (.pdf, 346 KB), or on the LADBS website.

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