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Quality water supply is imperative to any hospital. Over time, pipes deteriorate resulting in leaks, inferior water quality water, and reduced water flow.

At CuraFlo, we know how important a hospital’s plumbing infrastructure is in the delivery of quality patient care. CuraFlo professionals consult with facility managers to diagnose complex problems and propose the best solution to accommodate the special requirements demanded in medical facilities:


  • Water service in individual location can be restored the same day
  • Total project completed in significantly less time than pipe replacement

Less disruptive

  • Quiet and non-invasive process
  • By-pass water systems can be installed to avoid disturbing hospital routine
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate care and comfort of patients

Superior results

  • Cleaner, safer and better quality of water throughout hospital facility
  • Pipe restoration eliminates the risk of a serious failure
  • Epoxy lining is typically 20-40% less expensive than pipe replacement


A six building 18 suite medical park in San Diego, CA was suffering from leaky pipes. Both hot and cold pipes were developing pinhole leaks.
Learn how CuraFlo solved the problem.

Repiping or Epoxy Lining? Strategies To Keep Commercial Plumbing Systems Running Smoothly
Download or read the article (Properties Magazine, May 2009).

Plumbing Material Safety

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Restore Pipes and Water Quality With Epoxy Lining
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