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CuraFlo History

Since 1996, CuraFlo® has been a true pioneer in the plumbing industry.  We recognized the burdens repiping places on property managers in multi-tenant housing, schools, universities and other institutions, and set out to develop alternative technologies that would allow us to effectively restore failing pipes instead of replacing them – at a fraction of the cost. Our research led us to the development of our proprietary epoxy pipe lining process which we call the CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System®.

The CuraFlo Spincast System™ process enables us to restore water mains, fire lines, and larger diameter water supply lines in place quickly and cost effectively.

Today, CuraFlo is a recognized industry leader. We’ve lined more feet of pipe than any other company on the continent.  Our CuraPoxy® epoxy is certified by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials for commercial hot water, the highest standard established for potable water. Our dealers are supported by the most experienced and educated technicians and our list of satisfied commercial, residential and municipal customers grows every single day.  As an established commercial plumbing contractor with expertise in pipe restoration and replacement, we offer comprehensive warranties – the best in the business. Our crews are knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted professionals who continually deliver unparalleled workmanship with minimal inconvenience.

About Our Crews

About CuraFlo Team

Our crewmembers are professionals that come out of the construction or plumbing fields who pass a thorough training and certification program to join our team.

Our crews are courteous, professional, and responsive to you, your staff and residents.

Crews continue to receive training throughout their careers with CuraFlo so that they are capable and qualified to provide the best possible services and solutions for our customers

By The Numbers

Feet of pipe lined with blow through epoxy
Feet of pipe lined using CIPP Lining
Feet of pipe lined with Spincast Lining

Meet Our Team

Brian LeMaire
Brian LeMaireFounder
Mr. LeMaire served as our President from September 2006 to March 2009 and has been the Senior Vice President of Cohesant since February 2008. Mr. LeMaire was Vice President of Cohesant Technologies from August 2005 to February 2008, and had served as President of CuraFlo Services since August 2005. From July 2002 to August 2005, he was President of CuraFlo Technologies in Vancouver, British Columbia. From July 1996 to April 2005, Mr. LeMaire was General Manager of West Coast Pipe Restoration in Vancouver, Canada.
Sanjiv Gupta
Sanjiv GuptaPresident
Sanjiv has been with CuraFlo since January 1999. During this time, he has held various positions in the Company. He was Project Manager of West Coast Pipe Restoration from 2001 to 2005, then General Manager and Director of Operations for CuraFlo from 2005 to 2011, Vice President of CuraFlo of BC Ltd. From 2011 to 2017. Sanjiv is a Mechanical Engineer by training and has served the construction industry for over 32 years.
Karl Schmid
Karl SchmidVice President
Karl Schmid, a Red Seal Journeyman plumber, is a certified NACE Coating Inspector (Level 2) and Ticketed B gas fitter. With CuraFlo Since 1998, Karl manages Canadian & American Corporate crews and wrote CuraFlo’s Technical Manual & Training Curriculum. An expert in the plumbing industry, providing you years of experience.
Dr. David Dunn
Dr. David DunnVice President, Research and Development
Dr. David Dunn is a highly regarded Ph.D. in polymer chemistry who has served as our Vice President of Research and Development since September 2006. He also has served in that same position for Cohesant since February 2008 and for Cohesant Technologies from September 2006 to February 2008. Dr. Dunn was an independent consultant to Cohesant from February 2006 to September 2006. Dr Dunn also has served as the President of FLD Enterprises, an Adhesives and Sealants Consultancy in Aurora, Ohio since January 1996.