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CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) – Water Treatment System engineered to prevent corrosion from soft/aggressive water, can stop corrosion in its track and extend the service life of a plumbing system. Don’t get locked into a long-term water treatment contract without calling CuraFlo first.

Greater Vancouver’s ultra- soft water may taste pleasant and is easy on your skin for bathing but soft water spells trouble for metal (copper) pipes.  This problem is magnified in multi-tenant buildings with a central source of domestic hot water.  CuraFlo’s Water Treatment System corrects that issue, slowing down pipe corrosion.

Soft Water

Expect a shorter service life for unprotected metal pipe systems.

Hard Water

Expect metal pipe systems to last a very long time in areas with hard water.  While extremely hard water areas have their own problems but they do not usually lead to leaks.

Water Treatment System

PH is controlled and a corrosion inhibitor is added to the building’s water supply.  Soft Water is hardened (less aggressive) and pipe corrosion is stopped in its tracks.

Water Treatment - Pipe Burst

System Components:

One (1) Injection Manifold, including Back Pressure Valve, size: 1/2″, PVC.

Two (2) Metering Dosing Pumps, Blue-White Flexflo Peristaltic Pump or equal.

Two (2) Chemical Storage Tanks, double wall construction, 50 Gallon capacity.

Two (2) Sets of instrumentation including pressure gauges, sample taps, etc.

one (1) Shut off Valves, — Keystone or equal Butterfly Valve.

ETL certified control panel, including CSA listed components.

Benefits of Using CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System):

  • Reduce Soft Water Corrosion (Hard Water is less aggressive)

  • Balanced & PH Control

  • Keep Pipe Healthy Longer

  • Fast Results

  • Safe & Pure

  • Controls Pinhole Leak Formation

  • 24-7 Support

  • 24-7 Remote Monitoring

  • No Long Term Contract Required (see details)

  • Low Cost

Click below to see CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) – Material Safety Data Sheets:  

Sodium Bicarbonate Material Safety Data Sheet     |     Zinc Orthophosphate Material Safety Data Sheet

Water Treatment SystemSoft water (often called aggressive water) lacks dissolved minerals. Soft water can lead to pitting corrosion of pipe interior walls and accelerated pipe failure.  Water with an abundance of minerals (Hard Water) is less aggressive (not always the best tasting water) than Soft Water, often resulting in a longer service life for pipes and plumbing systems.  A lack of minerals in water makes for hungry water that seeks minerals such as copper from pipe walls dissolving them away and leading to pinhole leaks.

Water Treatment  creates a natural and safe Bio-film that protects the pipe’s interior surfaces from corrosion, while buffering the water (raising thWater Treatment Systeme pH) and moving the water chemistry closer to that of harder water (ground water).

The CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) consists of a control system, metering dosing pumps and onsite storage tanks for the Water Treatment supplies. Regular site visiting (testing / adjustments) and/or on-line monitoring / control of the system ensures that the dosing system is delivering the correct amount of the buffering agent (baking soda) to the buildings water supply  as well as just the right amount of corrosion inhibitor (Zinc Orthophosphate) shutting down the mechanisms of corrosion.

Results vary from building to building, however, CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) usually offers quick results, slowing down and preventing further leaks. As mentioned, results do vary from building to building (plumbing system to plumbing system) depending on how advanced the pitting corrosion is at the time of installation. The CuraFlo plumbing team with decades of experience with failing plumbing systems can help with a comprehensive examination of the existing piping system, detailing the levels of corrosion found inside the hot, cold, and hot water recirculation pipe systems. Once completed, predictions can be made regarding expected results from a Water Treatment System being added to a building’s plumbing system.

Water Treatment System

For buildings, with more advanced pipe corrosion, targeting the most badly corroded pipes for replacement or Epoxy Lining prior to adding Water Treatment to the entire system, may help Water Treatment address the pipe problem more effectively and for a fraction of the cost of a full pipe replacement (repipe) or pipe lining project.

CuraFlo’s combination of a detailed examination of the existing pipes condition with as required targeted piping system upgrades of the most corroded pipes, followed by the installation of the CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) to prevent further degradation of the pipes, elevates the Water Treatment approach to addressing leaking pipes issues to a higher level. The CuraFloWT (Water Treatment System) removes any uncertainty owners may have regarding just how effective Water Treatment will be at stopping pipe leaks for their building.

In addition to the above process, ask your CuraFlo representative for details on how CuraFlo is the only Water Treatment company to not lock customers into long-term contracts.

Glass of Water

Note: Understanding Water pH.

The pH of pure water is 7.  In general, water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and with a pH greater than 7, it’s considered basic.  The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5 and the pH range for groundwater systems is between 6 to 8.5.