Notice of Intent to Direct Award

Notice of Intent (NOI) No: 1070-1516-26Notice is hereby given by British Columbia Housing Management Commission (“BC Housing”) of its intent to contract with Curaflo of BC Ltd to install their Epoxy Pipe Lining in two social housing complexes in the Lower Mainland.  Vancouver’s drinking water is especially aggressive in attacking copper water pipes. The result is corrosion, pitting, pinholes, and ultimately premature pipe failure within 10-12 years after installation. The average unit cost of a re-pipe is around $10-15,000.00 depending on the presence of hazardous material, form of construction and type of residences. BC Housing is constantly looking for alternative solutions to domestic water re-piping. We have surveyed the market for alternate technologies to a complete mechanical water system re-pipe. During this research, we came across Curaflo of BC Ltd. This company’s approach is to prevent the corrosion in copper piping through the introduction of epoxy pipe lining processes which create a protective coating for the pipes thereby restoring the pipe, and increasing its lifespan for another 20-25 years. Curaflo meets the stringent ANSI/NSF standard 61 for drinking water safety. This cost effective solution also takes less time and requires less demolition and disruption to the property and residents. Curaflo will repair and restore the protective lining in the lined portion of the pipes at no additional charge for a period of ten years under the terms of the warranty.The intent is to proceed with contracting Curaflo’s services for the epoxy lining in two residential buildings as a pilot project through fiscal 2015/16. The estimated value of these contracts is $337,000.00.  If successful, BC Housing may decide to proceed in specifying this product over a mechanical domestic water system re-pipe on future buildings. Currently, BC Housing has about 40 projects on our priority list requiring re-piping. It is our intent to develop a matrix of options for planning future re-pipe projects.Interested parties wishing to challenge or object to this decision must submit in writing reasons for the challenge or objection by 2:00 pm (local time) on or before July 9, 2015 to Wende Kinch, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management by email at [email protected] ,detailing specific reasons for their objections.  If justified, a meeting with a BC Housing representative and interested supplier(s) will be called.  For clarification or any other issues regarding this Notice of Intent, a letter documenting these questions or concerns must be emailed to [email protected] to the attention of Wende Kinch, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management.