Plumbers Guide | Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Pipe Restoration

//Plumbers Guide | Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Pipe Restoration

Plumbers Guide | Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Pipe Restoration

The Right Plumber

When pipes spring a leak who do we call? There are thousands of plumbing companies to choose from, with varying degrees of experience.  Some reliable while other not so much, but how do we know which ones are the right plumbers? The right plumber not only needs to be professional, friendly, and get the job done; plumbers need to have the skills and knowledge and background to back up their work. Here we list several key factors Property Managers should look out for in their search for the right plumbing company.

Online presence

Do your research before deciding on a plumber by going online and searching reviews on multiple plumbing businesses.  Positive Customer feedback could help a lot regarding customer service, experience of the business and quality of work the business would provide.  So ask for references.

Knowledge of the problem

In your research you want to gain more knowledge of the pipe problem you are facing and the types of solutions available.  If you have pinhole leaks due to corrosion, CuraFlo’s Flow Lining System can help restore your leaking pipe at significantly lower costs than  pipe replacement costs.  Even if you have zero experience and knowledge regarding plumbing, having a bit of knowledge of what is involved in your pipe restoration can help you narrow down your search in finding a reliable and trustworthy plumbing business.


The right plumber would be certified and having the necessary training/schooling in order to be a plumber (Licenced Journeyman Plumber).  The plumber would not only be certified but would have the Business License to work in your community.  All of these are necessary and something to be aware of when choosing the right plumber.

Years of Experience

Master plumbers would have years of experience in the industry to prove they are able to perform exceptional quality craftsmanship on pipe systems for their clients.  In most cases reputable plumbing companies would be in business a lot longer compared to unreliable companies with poor quality work to show for it.

Quotes & Bid Quotes

Once you narrowed down your choices you can ask for several bid quotes from different plumbing companies (about 3) to help you determine what you ought to pay for the project.  Going cheap is not necessarily the best choice as the quality of work may not last long. Asking each company the reason behind their quote will help you determine which plumbing company is ideal for your project.

If all the prices are close to each other, you’re most likely looking at a fair price for the project.  However, if a price is well below that of others if could be they are short of work at the moment and badly want the job, or they have missed something. If you go with the lower price, read the fine print in the contract and make sure it’s not open for extra charges. If one price is much higher than others, it is not necessarily an indication of a better work/contractor; it could be that they are busy at the moment and did not want the job but would take it if the price was right.


Most plumbing companies will have a service warranty offered depending on the type of the project.  It is important to research and compare the length of time the warranty is provided; demonstrating their quality of work is reliable.

Not all plumbing businesses are experienced, master and professional plumbers. It’s important to be careful in choosing a plumber for your property’s pipe restoration needs. It could determine how well your pipe restoration project goes, how reliable and durable the new system is.

CuraFlo qualifies for all the above. To learn more contact us.

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