CuraFlo’s CIPP Lining System Restores Failing Pipes in Maui, Hawaii

//CuraFlo’s CIPP Lining System Restores Failing Pipes in Maui, Hawaii

CuraFlo’s CIPP Lining System Restores Failing Pipes in Maui, Hawaii

CIPP Lining System In Maui

Hawaii Maui getting the CIPP Lining System treatment for their pipe systems.

The CuraFlo CIPP (Cured-in-place-pipe) Lining System solution restores pipe systems without the need for structural demolition and restoration. CuraFlo needed a technique that had equal results that would work for sewer pipelines and domestic water lines that have external corrosion.   The CIPP Lining System is the ideal solution for the sewer pipeline at the resort on Maui’s northwest coastline.

Maui’s Northwest Coastline Resort needed CIPP for their Pipeline

Maui’s Resort is a condominium – style time-sharing resort.  The owners reached out to CurFlo for their drain pipe rehabilitation needs.  The continuous exposure to warm temperatures and humidity had taken its toll on the resorts cast iron drain pipes in its multiple structures.

Why choose our CIPP Method

  1. Relining sewer pipe costs considerably less per foot than replacement/ with much shorten project duration and less intrusion in the resident’s life.
  2. An effective solution for sanitary sewers, storm sewers, process piping, electrical conduits and ventilation systems.
  3. Allow for the repair of cracked or broken pipes, eliminate root intrusion into pipes interiors and prevent reassurance of that issue, bridge missing pipe sections and prevent infiltration and exfiltration.
  4. The CuraFlo team of plumbing professionals are experienced specialists in CIPP pipe restoration with knowledge of all forms of pipe lining and replacement. Professionals are trained to restore all issues with sanitary sewers, storm sewers and HVAC systems, and domestic water delivery systems.

CIPP Lining System

The CIPP method is a quick economical non-invasive and permanent alternative solution to pipe replacement.

CIPP Procedure:

  • Cleaning and prepping the pipe’s interior surfaces to secure the epoxy bonding to host pipes.
  • Liner is cut to length of the pipe and sized to pipe dimeter before lining.
  • An inversion drum and compressor are used to blow the epoxy saturated liner through the existing pipe(s) building a new pipe inside the old.

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