‘Durability’ is the ability to withstand wear and tear.

Consumers considering  purchasing a product or service evaluate the cost, quality and durability.  Is it worth it to pay more for a higher quality versus less for possibly a shorter service life, is the common chain of thought?  In this day & age with so much innovation happening in the world, the rules have changed, and it is often possible to find lower price and higher quality in a new product.

In the beginning, 30 years ago, pinhole leaks began appearing in what was once considered the best quality plumbing system “copper pipes”.  Innovation stepped in and the first plastic plumbing systems proved disappointing (less reliable than copper).  More recent innovations of plastic plumbing have proven more reliable, but often not beating out copper’s performance by much.  Despite amazingly long warranty claims by some manufactures of plastic plumbing systems, problems persisted and the warranty often proved disappointing (poorly backed) and has been keeping class action lawyers busy.

Copper pipes are very strong (a burst strength over 5000PSI) and even when they have been in use for many years and the walls have become thinner (pits or even pinhole leaks) they are still much stronger than any plastic pipe once the pinholes have been sealed.  PEX plastic pipes have been increasing in popularity over the past 20 years, but are they durable? A quick search of the internet (PEX pipes / class actions) should answer that question for you.  Simply, type in the name of a plumbing material you are considering and then add chlorine resistance to it.

Epoxy Lining System

The break though solution to the problem of plumbing system durability came with the combination of a highly corrosion resistant plastic (epoxy), combined with metal pipes (copper or steel). The Epoxy Lining System is an innovative solution for restoring pipes that results in a new ultra-durable system. The solution can be installed in new pipes or existing pipes that are already installed inside the walls of a building (so little or no cutting open of walls and ceiling). When applied to an existing system it is both cost effective and highly durable, withstanding the wear and tear from even the most aggressive waters for 50+ years. When applied to a new system it adds about 15% to the overall cost, however increases durability by tenfold.

Our special epoxy formulated by CuraFlo Technology (CuraPoxy) raises the lining technology to a whole new standard, producing a smooth even lining though out the pipe, even tracking around multiple bends in the pipe, resulting in a smooth even lining extending from one end to the other end of the existing or new pipe and resulting in improved water flow throughout the pipe.  Leaching of heavy metals is prevented, corrosion from all sources is stopped (yes, even from chlorine).  Thus, with CuraFlo’s corrosion resisting epoxy pipe inside the existing pipes, you will have the most durable plumbing system for the Metro Vancouver area.

Durability is important in the plumbing industry and knowing that your pipe system is holding its own against constant use throughout the year is important. Thus, the Epoxy Lining Solution is the right solution for your property as it is the most durable and cost-effective solution.

If the buildings budget is tight, you can start by epoxy lining the most corroded sections of pipe first and complete the project, as budget and /or need allows.

When you are evaluating your plumbing restoration needs, consider whether durability is important to you. CuraFlo’s Epoxy Lining Solution offers durability for much less than the cost of a repipe.