Epoxy Pipe Lining – Cost, Problems, & Reviews

//Epoxy Pipe Lining – Cost, Problems, & Reviews

Epoxy Pipe Lining – Cost, Problems, & Reviews

epoxy pipe lining cost and problems

Industrial epoxy is mixed in large drums similar to above.  Epoxy formulations must be tested thoroughly before use to always ensure a quality product and desired results.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy pipe lining is an efficient and cost-effective way to repair pinhole leaks in copper pipe. It involves flowing an epoxy compound through the length of damaged pipe – after the pipe has been dried and cleaned.

The two biggest advantages of epoxy lining water pipes are:

  • Minimized disruption and restoration of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Prevention of future leaks for 40-60 years

Epoxy Pipe Lining Cost

The cost of using epoxy lining to repair indoor water pipes is dependent on:

  • Scope of the repair
  • Plumbing layout and design
  • Pipe material

If you replace damaged pipe, there is the additional cost of restoring large sections of walls, ceilings and sometimes floors. When you use epoxy pipe liner to repair leaks, only small patches of wall or ceiling are removed for access.

The process for relining outdoor water and sewer pipes is different but similar.

The team at CuraFlo has extensive experience with pipelining both indoor and outdoor projects. The quote they provide is based on your unique situation. They are qualified and pleased to answer questions about pinhole repair, drain pipe repair, and trenchless sewer repair.

There is no reason for anyone with a plumbing issue to be surprised by hidden costs.

Epoxy Pipe Lining Problems

Epoxy pipe lining is a highly effective and reliable way to repair pipes. If problems do occur, it is commonly because of:

  • Improper pipe preparation
  • Inaccurate assessment of extent and type of damage
  • Miscalculations or faulty application of epoxy lining

At CuraFlo, our team members are qualified and experienced plumbers. We provide detailed training and on-going support on epoxy lining repair methods, processes, and equipment. We approach each project with care, respect and professionalism.

CuraFlo is the leader in epoxy pipe lining: San Diego to Boston, Vancouver to Montreal. No matter the location, our expert team is at your service. Our assessments include a review of the entire water distribution or sewage system because understanding the context of damage is critical to finding the best solution – and preventing future headaches for you.

Epoxy Pipe Lining Reviews

CuraFlo has been installing epoxy pipe lining in cities across North America since 1996. That translates to thousands of satisfied home and building owners who are reaping the benefits of epoxy lined pipes.

When you contact us for an assessment and quote, we’ll be pleased to provide you with references in your area. In the meantime, we’ll share these reviews of our process and service.

“I, too, want to applaud the men sent to do this job. They seem to realize the discomfort a job such as this can be for the tenants and have gone out of their way to ease any difficulties we could encounter.” ~ Dave, building resident

“You have a great crew! All the guys were prompt, courteous, and very professional. They did a great job of cleaning up and putting everything back. It has been a rewarding experience to have an organization say what they’re going to do and do what they say.” ~ Diana, homeowner

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