What is Hard Water?

Hard Water refers to water rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals and has higher PH than Soft Water. When compared to Soft Water, Hard Water is the complete opposite of Soft Water. Soft Water is known to be water that comes from rainfall with low concentration of minerals and has low PH levels. Hard Water is formed when it seeps through limestone and chalk deposits.  While it varies in location, it is not often desirable.

The impact on Homeowners

Some prefer drinking Hard Water due to flavor and for its health benefits.  However, there are many that prefer Soft Water because of its impact on your household and day to day cleaning. Hard water is difficult to lather into a rich cleanser, thus requiring more soap/detergent for cleaning.  This type of water will also leave soap residue/ film on dishes and tubs.  Your clothes will be dull and your hair will feel sticky. Not only does this affect the efficiency of your household cleaning and chores, it also affects your pipe system eventually affecting water flow.

The impact on your pipe system

As Soft Water can create pinhole leaks in your pipe system, Hard Water in turn can create calcium build-up because it is rich in calcium and magnesium. Calcium will stick to the pipe wall and harden as it passes through and will keep building up over time until it obstructs the flow of water. This type of water is a problem to most households and many have tried to soften their water to a more ideal and perfect water.  Many refer to this method as the Water Softener or Water Treatment.

Water Treatment

Many have turned to Water Treatment as a solution to their Hard Water problem.  Sodium is used in these systems, to remove calcium in the water.  This will extend the life of your appliances and keep your household cleaner. Your pipe systems will last longer as Water Treatment will prevent any calcium build-up.  Many multi-tenant buildings have implemented this system in their buildings and it is a method worth looking into.

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