Again we see lead contaminated water supply in a school district.  How much damage should be caused to our children’s health before something is done to prevent harmful toxins in our water supply? The article from The Star titled, “More than 640 Ontario schools and daycares failed lead tests in the past two years reported by Jayme Poisson, shows lead has been known to be in school’s drinking water for 2 years.  However, nothing has been done to prevent further contamination, when there is an easy solution.

Flushing Method

Many school districts mention the use of the flushing method that flushes out the lead from the water supply system in the pipes allowing cleaner and safer water to drink. This is only a temporary solution for this problem. The Star reports on schools in Ontario, “100 failed the test after flushing.” This contamination is caused by leaching of lead, which was blended in the copper pipes and fittings during manufacture and also from the soldering material used.  Your water supply runs through these corroded pipes, picking up harmful particles and other toxins to our body.  Do you really want our children, drinking from these corroded pipes?

The Standard

Bruce Lanphear, a Simon Fraser University health sciences professor and expert in the effects of toxins in children has not only commented for Vancouver School Districts but for Ontario School Districts as well. Bruce states, “While Ontario is doing better than most jurisdictions (it is the only province that requires schools and child-care centres to test for lead), its current standard for acceptable levels remains too high.” Any toxins in our water supply is not acceptable and flushing is not the long – term solution we should be aiming for.

CuraFlo’s Lead Solution

CuraFlo’s Epoxy Lining System is a solution for preventing any toxins from leaching in the water thereby, promoting healthy drinking water.  By creating a protective barrier between the pipes and water supply, any leaching of toxins and corrosion is prevented. It is an easy and cost effective solution for all school districts having this problem.

Don’t you want to live in a safe and healthy environment? Should harmful and contaminated water supply should be eliminated. Protect your pipes and your health.