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Considering the Water Treatment System?

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Considering the Water Treatment System?

Considering Water Treatment System?

Wondering if it can solve your building’s pinhole leak issues?


CuraFloWT The answer to your building’s plumbing issues.

  • Often Water Treatment Service providers suggest that changing water chemistry can reduce the number of leaks but never back their claims with a strong warranty. They also commonly lock building owners into long-term contracts.

What to expect for Water Treatment:

  • Water Treatment is most effective when installed on a plumbing system when the first sign of trouble (pinhole leaks) shows up. Buildings with more advanced corrosion can also benefit from installing Water Treatment System; however, owners should not expect 100% success in addressing pinhole leak issues in such buildings.
  • Water Treatment is effective in preventing the formation of new pitting corrosion (the source of pinhole leaks) and will slow the progression of existing corrosion in plumbing systems. Water Treatment will not reverse the years of existing corrosion done to the pipe interior walls. With Water Treatment installed, a thin lining will build up on the interior pipe walls. That lining is a corrosion barrier, not a structural pipe liner that restores the pipes mechanical structure.
  • Establishing the exact nature and extent of corrosion in building’s plumbing system with the aid of a Materials Engineering Company is an effective way of establishing the extent of corrosion, in the existing system and predicting just how effective Water Treatment will be in addressing those issues. In the best interest of the owners, CuraFlo would suggest testing be carried out independently of the Water Treatment service provider (by a Materials Engineering Company).
  • Not all pipes in a plumbing system corrode at the same rate. Therefore, some buildings will benefit from a combination of Repiping or Epoxy Lining of the most corroded pipes, combined with Water Treatment System to halt the progression of corrosion in the rest of the system.

CuraFlo of BC offers a full range of services;

  • Repipe (PEX – Aquatherm – Stainless Steel Pipe)
  • Pipe Lining (Epoxy Lining and CIPP Lining)
  • Water Treatment System (Not locked into a long-term contract)

Depending on the building and its plumbing issues one or a combination of these three services may be the best solution for addressing your building’s plumbing issues.

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