It’s easy not to think about your building’s plumbing. After all, pipes hide behind your walls and so long as water keeps flowing properly, it shouldn’t be a concern. But then you start to notice a change. Possibly the water pressure isn’t what it used to be, the colour of your water seems off, or worst case, you notice leaks. All these signs indicate a problem with your piping system and is something you should not delay! After some research you’re wondering whether to Repipe or Epoxy Line pipes.

A great place to start is to learn what affects your plumbing system and what can you do about it. The World Health Organization outlines the three variables that affect plumbing systems: the design and installation, the material type and quality, and the water source and composition.1

Design and Installation

The durability of a plumbing system depends on the quality of the materials, and the skills of those who install them. No system, no matter how well designed, can operate at full potential with subpar material. Likewise, if the materials meet the standard but are improperly installed, they will not service their optimal function. CuraFlo uses only top-quality materials from well-known brand names in upgrading your plumbing system. Our crew are professionals that come out of the construction or plumbing fields who pass a thorough training and certification program to join our team. More importantly, crews continue to receive training throughout their careers with CuraFlo. In conclusion, they are capable and qualified to provide the best possible services and solutions for our customers.

Material Type and Quality

Older buildings typically have domestic water pipes made of galvanized steel or copper. Surprisingly, even lead was used in bronze, copper, and brass pipes, taps, fixtures, and solder. Since 1986, the US Congress banned the use of lead soldering in new plumbing and repairs for drinking water. In 1989, the Canadian National Plumbing Code followed suit.2 3

In regions with hard water, galvanized pipe corrodes due to the high levels of zinc or iron in tap water. Consequently, these pipes have a reduction in flow due to mineral buildup. Discoloured water and a metallic taste are other signs of corrosion. Copper pipes are also subject to pinhole leaks as minerals in the tap water build up inside the pipes and cause corrosion. These materials are frequently repiped with stainless steel or plastic pipes.

Innovation in materials and systems with the increased use of plastics and stainless steel has extended the service life of domestic water plumbing systems. Plastic pipes combine physical strength with high chemical purity and is one of the most environmentally friendly pipe types.4 Stainless Steel has low general corrosion rate and can withstand very high-water flow rates.

Water Source

Vancouver, BC, with highly aggressive water and high levels of chlorination has resulted in extremely short plumbing system life expectancy. Some buildings develop their first pinhole leak in as little as 5 years. Therefore, this region has proven an excellent testing ground for the durability of our products.  The accumulated knowledge gained from all CuraFlo’s experience in designing and building better replacement plumbing systems, has allowed us to develop and perfect our repipe operations so that they now run with surgical like precision.  Our reputation for such fine work has spread that today millions North Americans are enjoying the benefits of systems and technology developed right here in Vancouver, BC. An increasingly economic and popular option is lining, where pipes are restored and coated with a special lining to protect against corrosion. We have epoxy lined local buildings that have now been in continuous leak-free operation for the past 17 years.

Choose CuraFlo

CuraFlo invests significant time to understand the structure of each customer’s building. Next, we design a system that fits the particular structure and meets an Owner’s expectations and all local code requirements. On some occasions, pipes have suffered such catastrophic damage that they need to be replaced. CuraFlo proudly uses new stainless steel or plastic pipes for their integrity and longevity. Often, the cost effective, time-saving option of epoxy lining will not only correct the problem but will also extend the life of the pipes.

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