Project Description


BCIT Burnaby Campus has been a home for providing world class education to students dating back to 1960’s.  The BCIT Burnaby Campus has expanded and evolved over the decades, however, the copper plumbing system is mostly original.  The 60-year-old pipes are showing their age with the campus plumbers spending considerable time fixing leaks.  The leaks were so bad they were disrupting operations and affecting education.

CuraFlo’s Epoxy Lining System was chosen as the process to restore the Domestic Water pipes at BCIT. A technology that proved to be cost effective and less intrusive.  CuraFlo has always taken great care to not disrupt the flow of operations or effect the residents or in this case students in any projects.  The students and classes would have been severely affected by a repipe of the Domestic Water System.  Knowing the importance of keeping the building operating normally, the CuraFlo crew planned the project carefully.  While, pipe lining is by nature much less intrusive compared to pipe replacement, careful project planning ensured that most students never even notice that CuraFlo crews were working on site. The only changes most students were aware of was that the leaks stopped occurring and the taste of water improved with the lining inside the pipes, as CuraPoxy lining prevents the leaching of heavy metals such as copper and lead in to the drinking water. Some of the lining work was scheduled for evenings with pipes restored on time for each day’s classes.

CuraFlo prides itself for restoring the Domestic Water System quickly without disruptions of daily operations.  This is one of many reasons why BCIT has continued to seek CuraFlo’s expertise in restoring their Domestic Water Pipe System.