How to identify If you have Lead in Your Water | CuraFlo

Your home may be in danger of having lead in your water supply.  There have been discussions of the dangerous levels of lead leaching in our schools drinking water, which is concerning as it could affect everyone.  Evidence shows that drinking water contaminated with lead is connected with learning and behavior abnormalities in children and high [...]

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Lead in Drinking Water Supply for Ontario School Districts

Again we see lead contaminated water supply in a school district.  How much damage should be caused to our children’s health before something is done to prevent harmful toxins in our water supply? The article from The Star titled, “More than 640 Ontario schools and daycares failed lead tests in the past two years” reported [...]

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Pipe Repair | How to Know When Your Pipes Need Restoration?

This is an example of a bad cooper pipe in need of desperate pipe repair.  Knowing when to repair your pipes could save you thousands of dollars in property damages. Pipe Repair | How to Know When Your Pipes Need Restoration? Whether you are a home owner, property manager or own a commercial [...]

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Plumbers Guide | Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Pipe Restoration

The Right Plumber When pipes spring a leak who do we call? There are thousands of plumbing companies to choose from, with varying degrees of experience.  Some reliable while other not so much, but how do we know which ones are the right plumbers? The right plumber not only needs to be professional, friendly, and [...]

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CuraFlo’s CIPP Lining System Restores Failing Pipes in Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii Maui getting the CIPP Lining System treatment for their pipe systems. The CuraFlo CIPP (Cured-in-place-pipe) Lining System solution restores pipe systems without the need for structural demolition and restoration. CuraFlo needed a technique that had equal results that would work for sewer pipelines and domestic water lines that have external corrosion.   The [...]

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The Solution for Lead Leaching in School’s Drinking Water

Vancouver Sun Article reads, “More than half of B. C.’s schools districts have unsafe lead levels in drinking water sources”.  Are you concerned of possible lead leaching in your children's drinking water supply? Lead Leaching Once again, in the news we read “More than half of B. C.’s schools districts have unsafe lead [...]

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CIPP Lining | Repair Water Main, Sewer Lining & Cost

Epoxy is blown through pipes using an air compressor, then it is left to cure in place (CIPP).  After drying, the epoxy adds structural integrity. CIPP Lining System CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) Lining  System is a reliable, cost-effective way to repair water main and sewer lines. It’s a no-dig (trenchless) method of creating a [...]

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Epoxy Pipe Restoration

Almost all building pipes can be completely restored using Epoxy  Pipe Restoration technology.  It’s important that certified drinking water epoxy is used in any waterlines that carry water for consumption.  Curaflo’s Curapoxy is fully certified for potable water. Pipe Replacement or Epoxy Pipe Restoration When you have deteriorated or leaking indoor water pipes, [...]

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Corroded and Rusty Pipes

Corroded & Rusty Pipes versus a new pipe as seen above.  Corroded (rusty) pipes is a natural and mostly unavoidable process that can cause serious damage if not repaired in a timely fashion.  Generally pipes must be fully replaced (repipe) or older pipes can be restored using epoxy. Rusty Pipes Rusty pipes are [...]

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