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Understanding the origins of the novel coranavirus, the implications for this pandemic, and how CuraFlo is responding in this unexpected time. Coronavirus: operating a plumbing company. April 09, 2020 The World Changed in Only 3 Months On December 31 2019, China notified the World Health Organization of several cases of an unusual pneumonia in Wuhan, [...]

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CuraFlo®, an essential service amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, commits to safety compliance pledge in accordance to the BC Government guidelines. April 06, 2020 CuraFlo® provides a service to repair water conveyance, which is deemed an essential service according to BC Center for Disease Control, and is encouraged to remain open. All essential service companies, and [...]

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September 5, 2018   CURAFLO® CURAPOXY® FS RECEIVES FIRE SPRINKLER PIPING SYSTEMS LISTING FROM INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL®’S EVALUATION SERVICE Proprietary Epoxy is First in North America to Meet and Surpass Stringent ICC Fire Suppression Requirements for Lining Piping Systems MESA, ARIZONA – CuraFlo®, is pleased to announce a new solution for leaking Fire Sprinkler pipes [...]

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Deteriorating Pipes Risks Drinking Water Supply

The topic "Deteriorating pipes risks drinking water supply", is much discussed as the quality of our drinking water is reducing rapidly. Here is a well written article by Bonner Cohen from the Washington Examiner, about the US drinking water and how it is impacted by deteriorating pipes. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ US drinking water supply is at risk [...]

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Durability – Epoxy Lining Solution | CuraFlo

‘Durability’ is the ability to withstand wear and tear. Consumers considering  purchasing a product or service evaluate the cost, quality and durability.  Is it worth it to pay more for a higher quality versus less for possibly a shorter service life, is the common chain of thought?  In this day & age with so much [...]

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Types of Pipe Corrosion & How it Leads to your Pipe Failure | CuraFlo

Pipe corrosion can be most damaging to residential homes, commercial property, Institutional as well as industrial property. While you cannot see inside your home or building’s plumbing pipes to view the progression of corrosion, we know corrosion begins as soon as water is first turned on.  How do we know? Corrosion problems have been increasing [...]

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CuraFlo has you covered for all your Pipe Restoration Projects

There are thousands of Plumbing & Pipe Restoration Companies out there, but what makes CuraFlo stand out is how CuraFlo is constantly trying new and better ways to improve your plumbing system and most importantly it’s durability. The CuraFlo commitment to staying out in front of the crowd had resulted in CuraFlo being the most [...]

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777 Burrard

  777 Burrard, Heritage Building in Vancouver. 777 Burrard, is a heritage building that was built back in 1914.  It was used previously as a rental building but had become a condominium building with 51 units.  With so many years of wear and tear on this building’s plumbing system, they were in urgent [...]

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Cottage Worthington Pavilion

Cottage Worthington Pavilion, care home facility. Cottage Worthington Pavilion, is a single-story care home building. The focus of this facility is to promote comfort, independence and a sense of belonging for their residents, while encouraging socialization, leisure interests and varying living abilities and diverse spirituality.  This building’s plumbing was in desperate need of [...]

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Considering the Water Treatment System?

Considering Water Treatment System? Wondering if it can solve your building’s pinhole leak issues?   CuraFloWT – The answer to your building’s plumbing issues. Often Water Treatment Service providers suggest that changing water chemistry can reduce the number of leaks but never back their claims with a strong warranty. They also commonly lock building [...]

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